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CA 1935 Creosote Bush on the Desert
CA Alameda Mastick School
CA Alameda Park Street Color
CA Alameda U S Naval Air Station Color
CA Anaheim 1907 Presbyterian Church
CA Anaheim Union High School
CA Arrowhead Hot Springs Color
CA Bakersfield Oil Cars at Shipping Station
CA Banning Business Section Hwy 60 70 & 99
CA Berkeley 1973 Trade Fair With Sauaslito in Background
CA Berkeley St Marks Episcopal Church Color
CA Beverly Hills Residence of Dorothy Lamour Color
CA Blythe 1945 Main Street View BW
CA Blythe 1945 Main Street
CA Buena Park Little Chapel by the Lake Knott's Berry Place
CA Burbank Travel Lodge Color
CA C S Firemenk Parade Float
CA Castle Rock Springs Shasta Route SPRR Castle Crags
CA Chico 1910 State Normal School Butte Co
CA Creosote Bush on the Desert 1935
CA Encino 1957 Ranch Home of Clark Gable
CA Eureka High School
CA Fort Ord 1964 Trainees Exercise Army Training Center Red Cross
CA Fort Ord CBR Training Monterey Peninsula San Francisco Army
CA Fort Ord Flame Thrower Monterey Peninsula San Francisco
CA Fresno St James Church
CA Glendale 1920s Union High School BW
CA Glendale 1950s Forest Lawn Cemetery
CA Glendale Last Supper Forest Lawn Memorial Park
CA Hanford 1911 Grammar School Kings Co
CA Hemet Riverside Co Indian Patio Hotel Alessandro Midst the Palms
CA Hollywood Sardi's Interior View Color
CA Home in Wintertime
CA Humboldt Co 1919 Cain Rock NWPRR Bridge No 461 BW
CA King City 1910 High School Monterey Co
CA King City King City High School
CA Line Yosemite Valley RR Merced Canyon
CA Lodi Catholic Church BW
CA Long Beach 1907 High School
CA Long Beach Plunge in Bath House Color
CA Long Beach Spit and Argue Club Rainbow Pier
CA Los Angeles 1905s Christ Church BW
CA Los Angeles 1908 Angels Flight Third St Tunnel
CA Los Angeles 1910 to W T Lowe Media PA
CA Los Angeles 1922 California Wild Animal Farm
CA Los Angeles Ambassador Hotel Color
CA Los Angeles Banner Pennant Palm Trees Fishing Boating
CA Los Angeles Beverly Wilshire Hotel on Blvd Color
CA Los Angeles Mary Louise Tea Room
CA Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
CA Los Angeles New Union Station Color
CA Los Angeles St Pauls Episcopal Cathedral Color
CA Los Angeles Union Station at Night
CA Los Angeles Waiting Room Union Station Color
CA Madera Lincoln Grammar School
CA Manteca Lindberg Grammar School
CA Manteca Yosemite Grammar School
CA Martinez 1910 High School Contra Costa Co
CA Mastick 1910s School Alameda
CA Maxwell 1910 Grammar School Colusa Co
CA Mercer John Muir Grammar School
CA Mill Valley 1908 Throckmorton Avenue
CA Modesto 1920 17th Street School Color
CA Monrovia 1915 High School Building
CA Monterey 1910 Washington Hotel 1st in CA
CA Monterey Fort Ord Color Overview
CA Mount Shasta High School
CA Mt Lowe Railway Circular Bridge Pacific Electric Trolley 121 Color
CA Mt Lowe Trolley on Turn from One Mile Down
CA Mt Tamalpais Train Leaving Tavern
CA Napa John L Shearer School
CA Napa Washington Primary School
CA Needles 1910 Birds Eye View
CA Needles 1911 High School San Bernardino Co
CA Oakland 1908 Key Route Station Piedmont Ave
CA Oakland Farmers Merchants Savings Bank
CA Oakland New Stephen Foster Memorial Cathedral of Learning Plot
CA Oceanside 1890s Railroad Station
CA Ojai Villanova School Ventura Co
CA Oxnard 1915 Sugar Factory Ventura Co
CA Pasadena 1908 Residence Mrs Jas A Garfield Color
CA Pasadena 1912 Tournament of Roses New Years Day
CA Pasadena Hotel Maryland Bungalow Court BW
CA Perris SF Railroad Depot
CA Petaluma Washington Grammar School Color
CA Portola 1950s High School Plumas Co
CA Portugese Bend Wayfarers Chapel Emanuel Swedenborg
CA Red Bluff 1910s Union High School Color
CA Red Bluff Oak Street School
CA Red Bluff Union High School
CA Redwood Hwy Chandelier Tree Underwood Park
CA Sacramento 1905 Court House & Hall of Records Color
CA Sacramento 1905 Masonic Building BW
CA Sacramento 1905 Water Front
CA Sacramento 1910 High School View
CA Sacramento 1910 River Scene Color
CA Sacramento 1910 Watson Grammar School
CA Sacramento 1910s IOOF Temple
CA Sacramento 1910s Southern Pacific RR Yards & Depot
CA Sacramento K St East from Fourth St BW
CA Sacramenton 1910 High School
CA Sacremento Lutheran Church YPSCE
CA Salinas 1910 City Bank Color
CA Salinas 1912 Main Street Color
CA Salton Sea Mud Patts
CA San Bernardino 1906 E St & Court House
CA San Bernardino 1910 Harlem Springs
CA San Bernardino 1910 Third Street Color
CA San Bernardino 1910s 3rd St Looking East
CA San Bernardino 1910s Santa Fe Depot Color
CA San Bernardino E St from Third St
CA San Diego 1910 Grossmont Lemon Grove Valley View
CA San Diego 1910 La Jolla Devils Slide
CA San Diego 1910 Romona's Marriage Place No 5514
CA San Diego Mission San Diego De Alcala July 16 1769 RP BW
CA San Diego Santa Fe Railroad Station Color to George Bilson Concord NH
CA San Fernando Valley 1950s New Hollywood Freeway
CA San Francisco 1905 Louvre Restaurant Prop Meyerfeld
CA San Francisco 1910 to R F Cole Lancaster Ohio Mentions Sister Harry Raul Pearl
CA San Francisco 1938 Pan American Airways China Clipper from Orient
CA San Francisco 1953 Golden Gate Bridge
CA San Francisco CA Academy of Science Asiatic Snakehead Steinhart Aquarium RP
CA San Francisco Court of Moon Golden Gate Inter Exposition
CA San Francisco Fort Winfield Scott Entrance to Bay Color
CA San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge and Yacht Harbor BW
CA San Francisco Hotel Whitcomb With Proposed Addition Color
CA San Francisco Largest Lift Bridge
CA San Francisco Old St Marys Church Paulist Fathers BW RP
CA San Francisco Ruins In the Business District Disaster
CA San Francisco Seal Rocks from the Cliff House
CA San Francisco Sunset Cafeteria Interior Color
CA San Francisco Trans Pacific Clipper Golden Gate Int Expo
CA San Francisco Yerba Buena Island 1907 Goat Island
CA San Gabriel US Post Office BW
CA San Jose 1907 Logging Scene Ox Team
CA San Jose 1909 Children Normal School
CA San Jose 1910 Saratoga Creek Santa Clara
CA San Luis Obispo 1911 General View Color
CA San Luis Obispo Public Libraray BW
CA San Pedro 1908 Government Breakwater Color
CA Santa Ana 1915 Fourth Street
CA Santa Barbara 1898 Mission Cemetery
CA Santa Barbara 1910 Southern Pacific Depot Coast Line SPRR
CA Santa Barbara 1910 Southern Pacific RR Depot South End Color
CA Santa Barbara 1910 Southern Pacific Train Depot
CA Santa Barbara 1910 Trail to Mt LaCumbre
CA Santa Barbara 1920 State St Looking North
CA Santa Barbara 1925 Quake Scene Pythian Bldg & Van Ness Hotel
CA Santa Barbara 1947 Andersons RP Church or Chapel BW Cross
CA Santa Barbara Ed La Guerra Street Color
CA Santa Barbara High School
CA Santa Barbara Southern Pacific Depot Coast Line SPRR
CA Santa Cruz 1903 Mailed to Bertha Guichard
CA Santa Cruz Episcopal Church Color
CA Santa Rosa 1905 High School
CA Santa Rosa 1920 Southern Pacific Depot Color
CA Santa Rosa Railroad Station Depot Color
CA Sausalito in Marin 1973 Trade Fair and Berkeley Ship
CA Section of CA Giant Redwood Tree Ready for the Lumber Mill Color
CA Stockton 1906 Santa Fe Train Depot BW
CA Stockton 1907 High School Color
CA Stockton 1910 Head of Navigation Ships
CA Stockton 1910 North El Dorado St Trolley
CA Stockton 1910 Santa Fe Train Depot Color
CA Stockton 1910 Western Pacific Train Depot
CA Stockton 1912 Hotel Stockton & St View
CA Stockton 1920 Load of Almonds
CA Stockton Congregational Church Color
CA Stockton Lottie Grunsky Grammar School
CA Stockton Washington Street School
CA Susanville Birds Eye View
CA Susanville Main St in Winter
CA Vallejo 1903 White Sulfur Springs Calistoga
CA Vallejo 1907 Mare Island Navy Yard Gate
CA Venice 1900s Street Scene Street Lights Color
CA Venice Race Thru the Clouds Amusement Park
CA Venice Street Scene 1900s Street Lights Color
CA Visalia Main Street Color
CA Watsonville 1906 Odd Fellows Building Color
CA Watsonville Primary School
CA Weed 1940s High School Mt Shasta
CA West Sacramento 1950s Twin Oaks Motel
CA Wheatland 1908 Public School Yuba Co
CA Whittier 1907 State School and Band View
CA Whittier 1910 State Industrial School
CA Willows 1906 Glenn Co Court House BW

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