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We are pleased to announce that the Family-Images.Com Webpage is growing so rapidly. A very special THANK YOU has to go out to the unselfish people who have already shared these great old Vintage Treasures with our visitors. We are always happy to receive new items so please feel free to Click Here to Send Me Electronic Mail if you have anything you want to share with our visitors.


IA Belle Plaine High School
IA Cedar Falls 1910 Cemetery Bluffs View
IA Cedar Falls Iowa State Normal School N E View
IA Cedar Rapids 1905s Masonic Library BW
IA Cedar Rapids 1910 Washington High School
IA Cedar Rapids 1912 Grace Episcopal Church
IA Cedar Rapids Masonic Temple BW Kodak Photo Supplies
IA Cedar Rapids Washington High School
IA Cherokee 1909 Main Street Looking West
IA Cherokee 1920s High School to Mrs Miller Jamison Conneautville PA from Irene
IA Cherokee Catholic Church School & Parsonage
IA Cherokee Webster School
IA Conesville 1958 Kindergarten Class of Conesville School
IA Davenport Masonic Temple Color
IA Davenport 1909 Dierks Henry from Monroe City MO
IA Davenport 1942 3 New Public Schools
IA Davenport Masonic Temple Color
IA Des Moines Fort Des Moines Barracks Cannons Color
IA Des Moines New Masonic Temple Tenth Locust Sts Color
IA Des Moines Shrine Temple Color
IA Dows 1911 to Allie Nexon maybe Osage Iowa from Huston M___
IA Dubuque 1908 Loop Union Park Color
IA Dunkerton 1957 High School Grad Class W Names
IA Eldora Iowa Public Bldg Series IA Industrial School
IA Fort Dodge 1945s New Jr High School
IA Fort Madison 1960s Public High School Color
IA Fredericka Pennant Card Couple Cuddling
IA Grand Junction Evangelical Church
IA Greetings From
IA Hampton 1908 Public Library
IA Hampton 1910s Reeve St N from 5th
IA Hull 1930s High School BW
IA Humbolt Taft School BW
IA Independence State Hospital BW
IA Iowa Falls Ellsworth College Caroline Hall Color
IA Iowa Falls Ellsworth College Main Building Color
IA Iowa Falls Ellsworth Hospital Color
IA Jeffereson 1924 Evening Star Chapter No 107 O E S Meeting Invitation
IA Jewell 1912 Lutheran College
IA Keosauqua Main Street BW
IA Lacey Keosauqua St Park Custodians Lodge
IA Leon Leon Public School
IA Leon North Public School
IA Marshalltown 1912
IA Mason City 1920 McKinley School Bldg
IA Mason City maybe NW States Cement Co Plant
IA Monticallo Opera House and No 1 High School
IA Mt Pleasant First Baptist Church BW
IA Muscatine First Presbyterian Church
IA Onawa Lewis & Clark State Park Shelter House
IA Osage 1911 to Allie Neron maybe from Dows Iowa Houston M___
IA Oxford Junction 1948 to Beranek Ethel
IA Postville St Pauls Lutheran Church at Christmas
IA Sigourney 1907 High School
IA Sioux City 1907 Chicago North Western RR Depot
IA Sioux City 1950 Masonic Temple Color
IA Sioux City Masonic Temple Color
IA Sioux Rapids Horse Drawn School Buses Bldg Kids
IA Tripoli 1907 High School Color
IA Waterloo 1905s Electric Park Color
IA Waterloo 1907 Electric Park Color
IA Waterloo Washington Park BW
IA Waverly 1907 Main St BW
IA Waverly 1907 Multi View of Town Scenes
IA Waverly 1907 View of Churches BW
IA Waverly 1909 Mercy Hospital
IA Waverly 1913 Pennant Card Water Scene Forwarded Stamp Tripola
IA Williamsburg 1960s Greetings from Middle America

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