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NJ 1964 Tercentenary 1664 Color Unused
NJ Arlington 1906 No 5 Public School
NJ Arlington Kearny Street Color
NJ Asbury Park 1915 Pennant Dutch Kid Wooden Shoes
NJ Asbury Park Monte Carlo Largest Swimming Pool in World
NJ Asbury Park New Monterey Hotel
NJ Atco Atco Diner & Restaurant
NJ Atlantic City Greetings From
NJ Belmar 1941 White Bridge Over Inlet Color
NJ Bergernfield 1910s Washington School House
NJ Bloomfield 1915 High School
NJ Bordentown 1912 Military Institute
NJ Brown's Mills 1925s in the Pines Log Cabin and Dam Roadside Coca Cola
NJ Brunswick 1957 Voorhees Chapel N J College for Women
NJ Camden 1905 PRR Terminal and Ferry Lee and Camden
NJ Cherry Hill Ponzios Kingsway Diner Color
NJ Clementon 1910s Lake Pilling
NJ Closter 1943 Tenakill School BW
NJ Closter Borough Hall
NJ Cranford 1921 Old Mill
NJ Dover 1900s Opera House Theater Ticket
NJ Dover 1907 Sylvan Lake
NJ Dover 1908 Landing Trolley
NJ Dover 1910 Blackwell Street Trolley
NJ Dover 1910s Rockaway River Bridge BW
NJ Dover 1911 Hudson Street
NJ Dover 1911 View from Rockaway River
NJ Dover General Hospital
NJ Dover RR Depot Train
NJ Echo Lake General Store Gulf Gas
NJ Egg Harbor Ideal Diner Color
NJ Elmer 1904 Public School Report Card of Alice Black
NJ Everittstwon 1905s Farm Scene Cows
NJ Flemington Circle Diner Color
NJ Fort Dix 1st Week Basic Training Preliminary Rifle Instruction Color
NJ Garden State Park Race Track and Horses Color
NJ Hamburg Birdseye View
NJ Hoboken 1929 Train Yards from Lackawanna Tower Color
NJ Hoboken 1938 Engine Number 1153
NJ Hoboken Eagan School
NJ Holly Beach 1907 Beach Scene
NJ Jersey City 1922 School No 24
NJ Jersey City 1941 Mailed to Doris Zerinsky 106 Paterson Street
NJ Jersey City 1941 Mailed to Rose Jerinsky from Berlin NJ
NJ Jersey City School 18
NJ Jersey City Train Erie 831 G1
NJ Keansburg 1910s Carr Avenue Color
NJ Key Port 1912 Public School House
NJ Keyport 1905 Presbyterian Church BW
NJ Lakewood 1941 Mayflower Maxwell Hotel Color
NJ Lakewood Georgian Court Pergola and Lion Stairway
NJ Lakewood Jasper Lynch Residence Lynt Hall Color
NJ Lakewood Mayflower Maxwell Hotel 8th Street & Clifton & Madison Ave
NJ Long Branch 1918 Brighton Ave West End Color
NJ Loudenslager 1958 School Photos From Alice Bryant Teacher
NJ Loudenslager 1960 School Photos Teacher Was Alice Bryant
NJ Lumberton PRR View from Rancocas Bridge
NJ Lyndhurst 1913 Public School BW
NJ Magnolia 1911 West Evesham Avenue
NJ Mantua 1905 Public School
NJ Maplewood 1909 St George's Episcopal Church BW
NJ Margate 1910 Wild Day
NJ Montclair Municipal Building
NJ Montville School House
NJ Morristown Seeing Eye School
NJ Mountain View RR Depot Canal
NJ Mt Holly 1913 Pennant Card Vintage Auto
NJ Newark 1899 Public High School
NJ Newark 1905 High School
NJ Newark 1912 High School
NJ Newark 1940 Lake in Branch Brook Park Color
NJ Newark Anheuser Busch Eastern Home Fermenters
NJ Newark High School to Hazel B Royce W Springfield MA
NJ Newark PA Railroad Terminal
NJ Newark St Michael's Hospital
NJ Northfield Railroad Trolley Station Golf Links
NJ Ocean City 1944 Wreck of Sindia Multiview
NJ Ocean City Boardwalk North from 11th Street
NJ Ocean Grove Birds Eye View Color
NJ Ocean Grove New Methodist Home Color
NJ Ocean Grove North End Hotel & Bathing Beach Color
NJ Ocean Grove Ocean Pathway from Boardwalk Color
NJ Ocean Township L M Diner Restaurant Asbury Circle Color
NJ Oceanport Monmouth Park Horse Racing
NJ Orange 1910 St Marys Hospital Color
NJ Palisades Amusement Park 1909 Figure Eight
NJ Pasaic Main Street Color
NJ Passaic 1907 Columbia School
NJ Passaic 1908 Public School No 6
NJ Passaic 1910 Dundee Dam
NJ Passaic Erie RR Main Ave
NJ Passaic High School 1950s
NJ Passaic Main Ave Looking Northwest
NJ Passaic Passaic Ave
NJ Passaic St Marys Hospital
NJ Passaic Worlds War Monument & Armory
NJ Paterson 1890s Falls Portrait Cabinet Photo by Handwerk
NJ Paterson 1903 Early Factory View
NJ Paterson 1903 Passaic Falls Flood View
NJ Paterson 1904 Passaic Falls Flood View Color
NJ Paterson 1906 Childrens Day Nursery
NJ Paterson 1906 Factory View
NJ Paterson 1909 School No 14
NJ Paterson 1912 Falls Dam Bridge
NJ Paterson 1927 High School
NJ Paterson Cooke Locomotive Works
NJ Paterson John P Holland Monument Submarine Boat Inventor
NJ Paterson Market St Trolley Bank
NJ Paterson Market St Trolley Savings Bank Institute
NJ Paterson Passaic Falls fr Morris Mountain
NJ Paterson Postcard School No 1
NJ Paterson Public School 20
NJ Paterson Public School 9
NJ Paterson Public School No 14
NJ Paterson Public School No 15
NJ Paterson Public School No 22
NJ Paterson Public School No 3
NJ Paterson Public School No 4
NJ Paterson Rogers Locomotive Works
NJ Paterson Silk Mill Interior
NJ Paterson Totowa Elk Monument
NJ Paulsboro 1900s Paulsboro School by J R Jaggers
NJ Penns Grove 1977 Olympia Diner and Restaurant
NJ Pennsville 1948 Riverview Beach Park Toyland
NJ Perth Amboy 1905 High School
NJ Phillipsburg 1914 Standard Silk Mill
NJ Phillipsburg 1953 Morris Canal Delaware River Incline Plane 1
NJ Plainfield Jefferson School
NJ Point Pleasant 1945 Boardwalk & Bathing Beach Color
NJ Princeton 1912 RR Depot
NJ Princeton McCosh Walk Color
NJ Princeton Washington St Bridge Scene on Carnegie Lake
NJ Rahway Washington School No 1 Color
NJ Rahway Washington School
NJ Railroad GG1 Locomotive
NJ Ridgewood Methodist Church
NJ Roosevelt Benjamin Moore Muresco Works Color
NJ Roosevelt Chrome Cigar Factory Color
NJ Roosevelt Cresot Plant
NJ Roosevelt Office of US Metals Refining Co Color
NJ Roosevelt Woodbridge Ane Color
NJ Rouge Plant Ford Motor Company
NJ Sea Girt 1908 The Tremont
NJ Sea Girt Governors House New Jersey State Camp
NJ Seaside Heights Train Ride Through Funtown USA
NJ Seventh Day Adventist Offices BW
NJ Sewaren 1911 Sewaren Hotel BW
NJ Sparta Winona Parkway Lake Mohawk Reservation
NJ Stockholm 1910 MainStreet BW
NJ Stockton 1909 Mailed to Mary Sillery Maybe
NJ Strathmere Deauville Inn
NJ Tappan Hill Restaurant on Hudson River
NJ Tercentenary 1664 Color Unused
NJ Toms River 1916 First National Bank Water Street
NJ Trenton 1889 Early Lenox Factory
NJ Trenton Jr High School Color
NJ Union City 1945 from E Schneider to Transfer Paint Co
NJ Vineland 1919 Central Railroad Station Color
NJ West Hoboken 1914 Viaduct
NJ Westfield 1907 Kimball Ave
NJ Westfield 1912 McKinley School
NJ Westwood 1912 Kesslers Bridge
NJ Westwood 1912 Pennant Card Felt Woman in Hat
NJ White House Station Public School
NJ Wildwood 1905 Railroad Station
NJ Wildwood 1906 Scrap Iron Band
NJ Wildwood 1907 Crowd at the PRR Depot
NJ Wildwood 1908 Steel Pier Bathing Color
NJ Wildwood 1910s Automobile Club Color
NJ Wildwood 1911 Edgeton Inn Color
NJ Wildwood 1919 Oaklyn Hotel
NJ Wildwood 1924 Banner Pennant Beach Scene
NJ Wildwood A Sailing Party
NJ Wildwood Crest Panoramic View
NJ Wildwood PRR Train Station Depot
NJ Wildwood by the Sea 1952 Boardwalk by Night Mailed to Seaside Heights NJ
NJ Woodstown Cross Roads Schoolhouse
NJ Woodstown Public School
NJ Woodstown Swarthmore College E W Humphreys
NJ Wyckoff Coolidge School

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