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OH Ada 1910s Disciples Church
OH Adamsville 1907 School House Color
OH Adamsville 1910s School House Color
OH Akron 1907 Scene at A H Marks Mansion Color
OH Akron 1907 St Bernards Church Interior View
OH Akron 1907 Union Depot Color
OH Akron 1907 Union Station
OH Akron 1910 Entrance to Silver Lake Park
OH Akron Airport Terminal
OH Akron Norge Air Ship 53rd Anniversary Exhibition
OH Alliance 1918 Pennsylvania Railroad Depot
OH Alliance High School Color
OH Amelia M E Church
OH Ancient 1910s Looking North Toward Village from Point Prospect
OH Andover 1907 East Side of Public Square Color
OH Andover Historic Andover Hotel Color
OH Antwerp St Marys Church
OH Ashland U S Post Office Cottage St Downtown
OH Ashtabula 1910 Church of Christ Color
OH Ashtabula 1910 Prospect St Color
OH Ashtabula 1920s High School Color
OH Ashtabula Garfield Restaurant Color
OH Ashtabula General Hospital
OH Ashtabula Lake Shore Bathing Beach and CEI Power Plant Color
OH Ashtabula New Viaduct Color
OH Astabula 1907 to Irene Seigfriend from Alton in Fremont OH
OH Athens 1909 Methodist Episcopal Church to Russell N Battleford Sask Canada
OH Bellefontaine 1912 High School Color
OH Bellevue 1910s St Johns Lutheran Church
OH Berea Metropolitan Park Three Bridges
OH Bluffton U S Post Office BW
OH Brookville High School
OH Bryan 1939 High School
OH Bryan High School Color
OH Bucyrus 1900s Union High School
OH Cadiz 1908s Public School
OH Cadiz Public School
OH Cambridge 1945 Admin Building Main Entrnace Fletcher General Hospital Color
OH Cambridge Birds Eye View Showing Wills Creek Color Unused
OH Canal Winchester 1910 Homecoming Multiview
OH Canton 1905s McKinley Vault West Lawn Cemetery Color
OH Canton 1907 Work House BW
OH Canton 1910 Mercy Hospital
OH Canton 1910s Court House
OH Canton 1910s Tuscarawas St East of Market Street
OH Canton 1911 East Tuscarawas Street
OH Canton 1912 Court House Color
OH Canton 1912 McKinley High School Football Team
OH Canton 1912 to John Sherrod Vermillion OH
OH Canton 1932 McKinley Monument
OH Canton 1950 U S Post Office Ohio Power Co Building
OH Canton Dedication of McKinley Memorial Sept 30 1907 Rev Bristol
OH Canton Falls at West Lawn Cemetery
OH Canton Mercy Hospital Color
OH Canton North Market St Showing McKinleys Home on Left
OH Canton to Edith Worden from Gertrude in Elmira NY
OH Castalia 1945 Famous Hole Lake Erie Vacationland Color
OH Chillicothe 1910s Walnut St M E Church Color
OH Chillicothe 1915 Paint St Looking North from Main St
OH Chillicothe 1918 Maple Grove Hotel Famous Health Resort
OH Chillicothe Bicentennial 1796 1996
OH Chillicothe St Marys Parochial School Color
OH Chillicothe Union RR Train Depot
OH Cincinnati 1905 Observatory
OH Cincinnati 1906 Levee Scene
OH Cincinnati 1907 Elsinore Tower Eden Park
OH Cincinnati 1907 Garden of Nicholas Longworth to Ryeland PA
OH Cincinnati 1910 Rookwood Pottery
OH Cincinnati 1917 Roman Catholic School
OH Cincinnati 1941 Good Samaritan Hospital Victoria Hall Nurses Home Color
OH Cincinnati 1944 Coney Island Steamer Island Queen Color
OH Cincinnati 1949 Eden Park Conservatory
OH Cincinnati 1954 Terrace Plaza Hotel Color to Willett Toronto Canada
OH Cincinnati Concourse Union Terminal Color
OH Cincinnati Coney Island Steamer Island Queen Color
OH Cincinnati Famous Rookwood Pottery Mt Adams
OH Cincinnati Lunken Airport From Alms Park
OH Cincinnati Roller Coaster & Ferris Wheel Color
OH Cincinnati Steamer Gordon C Greene
OH Cincinnati Terrace Plaza Hotel Color
OH Cincinnati U S Post Office
OH Cleveland 1896 451 Superior St Viaduct
OH Cleveland 1905 Colonial Arcade BW UB
OH Cleveland 1905s Lake View Cemetery Color
OH Cleveland 1905s Western Reserve Historical Building
OH Cleveland 1907 Luna Park
OH Cleveland 1909 Clevland School of Art to Wynn in Springfield OH
OH Cleveland 1909 Trinity Cathedral to Gro Wynn in Springfield OH
OH Cleveland 1909 ro Mr Mrs Parson maybe Wakeman OH from Nellie
OH Cleveland 1910s Euclid Beach Park Railway
OH Cleveland 1910s Gen View of Luna Park
OH Cleveland 1910s Lake View Cemetery from Garfield Memorial
OH Cleveland 1912 Luna Park Shoot the Shoots Chutes Color
OH Cleveland 1913 South High School
OH Cleveland 1917 Applied Science School
OH Cleveland 1923 Public Square Looking Northeast
OH Cleveland 1945 Anna May Anderson fr Camden NJ Anna Burow
OH Cleveland 1946 Busy Day at Municipal Airport
OH Cleveland 1953 Mailed to Mr Mrs Fenn from Grace & Mack Bland VA
OH Cleveland 422 Haymarket J R Hanlon Plumber Wagon
OH Cleveland Birds Eye View Showing Hotel Cleveland Cuyahoga River
OH Cleveland Boats Passing High Level Bridge
OH Cleveland Cleveland Public Hall Color
OH Cleveland Edgewater Park Showing Dance Hall Color Unused
OH Cleveland Hopkins International Airport Lewis Research Center
OH Cleveland Interior Trinity Cathedral Mezzochrome
OH Cleveland Kingsbury Run Color
OH Cleveland North Side of Cleveland Museum of Art RP
OH Cleveland Playhouse Square Looking East Color
OH Cleveland Playhouse Square Looking West
OH Cleveland Postcard Shop Interior
OH Cleveland Public Hall
OH Cleveland Spencerian School View
OH Cleveland Station 1907 maybe to Harriett Waldo North Sp
OH Cleveland Steamer Goodtime
OH Cleveland Trust Co Blvd
OH Cleveland YWCA
OH Clyde 1905 School
OH College Hill 1910s Presbyterian Church
OH Columbiana High School View
OH Columbus 1907 Penitentiary Color
OH Columbus 1907 Penitentiary
OH Columbus 1909 Womens Educational Union
OH Columbus 1911 Deaf and Dumb School
OH Columbus 1930 YMCA Color
OH Columbus 1940s Lockburne Army Air Base Flying Fortress
OH Columbus 1943 Capitol Square In Heart of Columbus Color
OH Columbus Crystal Room Hotel Fort Hayes to Gordon Vik Verdun Quebec Canada
OH Columbus Keiths Theatre Vaudeville Matinee
OH Columbus Lockebourne Army Air Base Telephone Center
OH Columbus OH Medical University and Protestant Hospital Color
OH Columbus Red Bird Stadium
OH Columbus State School for the Blind
OH Columbus University Hall Ohio State University BW
OH Conneaut 1908 Main Street School BW
OH Conneaut 20 Miles East and 10 Miles West of Erie PA Muhlers Sign
OH Conneaut High School View
OH Convoy 1909 ME Church
OH Coshocton 1929 Airport Dedication
OH Dayton 1905 High School
OH Dayton 1906 View from Belmont Avenue BW UB
OH Dayton 1968 National Cash Register Co Aerial View
OH Dayton Brown Hospital Veterans Admin Center
OH Dayton Swimming Pool Bombergers Park Color CCCC
OH Dayton Veterans New Quarters Soldiers Home
OH Delaware Ohio Wesleyan University General View
OH Delphos 1909 Deisel Wemmer Co Cigar Factory Color
OH East Palestine 1910 Presbyterian Church
OH East Palestine U P Church
OH Eaton Preble County Court House BW Unused
OH Elyria 1912 Lorain County Jail
OH Elyria Addressed to Mrs Harmon maybe
OH Elyria Downtown Color Bears Furniture
OH Elyria Grace Court Color
OH Elyria Memorial Hospital Gates of Hospital for Crippled Children
OH Euclid to A A Fodor from David Iiona Davy CJ
OH Fayette 1920s Church of Christ
OH Findlay 1907 Erie and Western RR Falls Blanchard River Color
OH Findlay 1908 Fountain Maple Grove Cemetery to G Phillips Brattleboro VT
OH Findlay 1908 Fountain Mapple Grove Cemetery
OH Findlay 1909 Park Grounds Riverside Park Color
OH Findlay 1917 Findlay College Color
OH Findlay 1947 U S Post Office
OH Findlay Greetings From
OH Fremont 1907 High School
OH Fremont 1909 Major George Stephenson Monument
OH Fremont High School
OH Gallipolis Post Office
OH Geneva on the Lake Midway
OH Glenville 1909 Football Team
OH Glouster 1911 Birds Eye View BW
OH Granville West Broadway Vintage Auto Trolley Tracks
OH Greetings From Color Multiview
OH Greetings From
OH Hamilton 1913 High School Flood Bread Line BW
OH Hamilton High Street Bridge Across Miami River
OH Hamilton Masonic Temple Color
OH Hamilton Post Office
OH Hicksville High School
OH Homer 1908 Presbyterian Church
OH Ironton 1912 Memorial Hall Color
OH Jefferson 1942 Congregational Church
OH Jeffersonville M P Church
OH Jerry City 1913 School House
OH Johnstown High School
OH Kelleys Island 1911 Kelleys Estes High School
OH Kenton 1908 St Johns Evangelical Church
OH Lake Erie Interior AUditorium Lakeside Vacationland
OH Lakeside Auditorium Lake Erie
OH Lancaster 1910 R F Cole from San Francisco Cal Harry Raul Pearl Sister
OH Lima German Evangelical Reformed Church
OH Lima Locomotive Works Color
OH Lima North Main Street Color Busy Intersection
OH Lisbon Boyhood Home of President Wm McKinley
OH Lisbon Copper Mill Color
OH London 1912 View of State Fish Hatchery Real Photo
OH Lorain 1947 American Ship Building Company Yards
OH Lorain Lakeview Park Rose Garden
OH Lorain New Baltimore and Ohio Coal Dock in Action
OH Malvern 1907 High School BW
OH Mansfield 109 Mansfield High School Color
OH Mansfield 1909 First Congregational Church BW
OH Mansfield 1909 High School
OH Mansfield 1909 to L Sherod Vermillion OH
OH Mansfield 1909 to Mrs JL Sherod Vermillion OH
OH Mansfield 1922 First Methodist Church
OH Mansfield General Hospital Color
OH Mansfield Mansfield Skyline Color
OH Mansfield1870 Richland County Court House Public Square
OH Map 1954 Multiview
OH Marietta 1948 Junction of OH & Muskingum Rivers Color
OH Marietta High School Color
OH Marietta Town View Color
OH Maringo 1909 Marrow Co to Eva Carpenter from NJ
OH Marion 1908 Central High School
OH Marion 1948 U S Post Office
OH Marion Late President Hardings Home and Harding Museum
OH Marysville West School Building
OH Massilon 3 Railroad Depot Views
OH Massilon City Hospital
OH McConnelsville Rocky Glen Sanatorium
OH Medina 1910 Home of Honey Bees Color to M C Barker Springfield VT
OH Medina Home of Honey Bees 1910 Color to M C Barker Springfield VT
OH Miami River 1912 Trebeins Bridge
OH Middleport High School
OH Middletown High School
OH Millersburg Public School BW
OH Mount Vernon High School
OH Mt Gilead 1909 Presbyterian Church
OH N Lawrence 1900s Public School
OH Napoleon 1910s St Paul Church
OH Navarre Birds Eye View
OH Navarre Fohl Memorial U B Church
OH Nelsonville 1906 4th Ward School
OH Nelsonville 1911 East End School Color
OH Nevada 1908 M E Church
OH Nevada 1922 High School
OH New Lexington 1908 M E Church
OH New Lexington St Aloysius Academy Military School
OH New Palestine Hagners Colony Park
OH New Philadelphia 1908 High School Football Team
OH New Philadelphia Central Delivery Co
OH New Philadelphia Schoenbrunn Village State Memorial OH First Village
OH Newark 1905 Mailed to Guide of Little Ones from Pittston PA
OH Newark 1930 First M E Church
OH Newark High School
OH Norwalk 1908 Central High School Building
OH Norwalk 1947 U S Post Office
OH Oberlin 1910s Severance Chemical Lab
OH Oberlin 1924 Finney Memorial Chapel
OH Oberlin 2nd Congregational Church Soldiers Monument Sturges Hall
OH Oberlin Baldwin Cottage BW
OH Oberlin Carnegie Library BW
OH Oberlin Lord Cottage BW
OH Oberlin Mens Building BW
OH Oberlin Peters Hall BW
OH Oberlin Talcott Hall
OH Oberlin Warner Gymnasium BW
OH Oberlin Warners Hall
OH Oxford 1948 Benton Hall Miami University Color
OH Painesville 1909 Painesville Hospital
OH Painesville 1957 Ore Boat Leaving Fairport Harbor
OH Painesville Library Music Buildings Lake Erie College
OH Palestine U P Church
OH Perrysburg Fort Meigs Monument Color
OH Pleasant Hill 1911 Brethen Church
OH Point Pleasant 1950s Grant Memorial Methodist Church
OH Portsmouth 1922 Sciotoville M E Church
OH Portsmouth 1948 U S Post Office
OH Portsmouth Sciotoville M E Church Color
OH Portsmouth The Greenwood on La Belle Riviere
OH Put In Bay 1917 Perry Memorial 100th Anniversary
OH Ravenna & Kent Lake Brady Park Boat Landing
OH Ravenna Busy Corner West Main & Sycamore
OH Sandusky 1910 Administration Bldg Soldiers Home Color
OH Sandusky First Presbyterian Church Color
OH Sandusky St Marys Church Color
OH Sandusky Womens Building
OH Shelby 1909 Shelby Tube Works BW
OH Shreve 1911 M E Church
OH Springfield 1909 Masonic Home to Plummer in Bellefontaine OH
OH Springfield 1918 Glimpse of Fountain and Main From Fountain Square Color
OH Springfield 1950 Blair Hall at Wittenberg College Color
OH Springfield Library
OH Steubenville 1940 High School
OH Steubenville Fithen Armless Auto Speed King
OH Toledo 1909 High School Color
OH Toledo 1910s Public Library Color
OH Toledo 1930 Central Catholic High School
OH Toledo 1950 Rossford Plant Libbey Owens Ford Glass Company to S Vik Verdum Ontario Canada
OH Toledo Entrance to Toledo Express Airport
OH Toledo Hotel Willard and Loews Theater Color
OH Toledo Monroe School Color
OH Toledo Post Office Madison Avenue and 13th
OH Toledo Public Library
OH Toledo St Vincents Hospital
OH Toledo Waite High School & Bowl Color
OH Toledo YMCA Building Jefferson Avenue
OH Toledo YMCA
OH Troy 1906 Edwards School
OH Troy 1910 M E Church
OH Van Wert Greetings From Color Unused Floral Scene
OH Vandalia Dayton Municipal Airport
OH Vermillion 1911 Hotel Maudelton
OH Vernon 1907 to L Sherod in Vermillion OH
OH Vinton Public School Bldg
OH Warren 1915 Post Office
OH Warren 1931 Monumental Park Color
OH Warren Monument Park First School House in Western Reserve Territory WW Memorial
OH Wauseon 1905s Toledo & Indiana Railroad
OH Wellsville 1907 Public Square Color
OH Wooster 1908 School Maybe
OH Wooster 1908 School or College
OH Wooster 1908 to Lou B Clarke W River St Elyria OH
OH Yellow Springs High School
OH Youngstown 1905 Rayen School BW
OH Youngstown 1910 Central Square Looking South Color
OH Youngstown 1911 Hazleton Furnaces Republic Iron and Steel Co
OH Youngstown 1913 E Federal St Flood
OH Youngstown City Hospital
OH Youngstown Court House and Jail Color
OH Youngstown Post Office & Front Street School Color
OH Zanesville 1908 Post Office
OH Zanesville 1925 Felt Pennant Couple Dancing
OH Zanesville High School Color
OH Zanesville Masonic Temple Color
OH Zanesville McIntire School

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